Make It A Party !

From holidays, birthdays and anniversaries to a nice evening with friends - Red, White & Blush has everything you need to throw a fabulous party!  All of our special cheeses, flavorful snacks, fresh breads and accessories are updated on a regular basis along with free consultation of what wine goes best with each dish. We’ll even guide you through options for your upcoming special occasion or event, so it will be an event guaranteed to keep your friends talking, even after the party is over!

Here at Red, White & Blush, we realize the importance of getting together with friends and family. We also realize that not everyone has an unlimited amount of time to plan and organize a successful party. This is where we can help! A classic wine and cheese party can be the perfect get-together for you and your friends, and we can help guide you through the steps of choosing the proper wines to pair with the appropriate foods to assisting you in the selection of fine cheeses and the perfect snacks for your event. Without much work on your part, you can wow your guests with a sophisticated, elegant wine and cheese party. We’ll help you every step of the way to make your party extra special.

Pairing wine and cheese
Of course one of the most important elements of planning a successful wine and cheese party is pairing wine and cheese properly. While many agree on what wines pair well with what cheeses, the agreement is not universal. For instance, many experts name Gouda as best with a fruity white wine. Maybe so, but the variations of Gouda differ, and so do selections of wine. Basically, the choice depends on your personal taste. We’ll work with you and your personal preferences to assist you in selecting the proper wines to pair with the right foods.
To assist you further in your wine and cheese pairing, we found an outside site source with helpful details  Wine Article

We offer a variety of soft, hard, semi-soft and semi-hard cheeses, as well as delicious fresh bread and savory snacks. For more information on our cheese, snack, bread and accessory selections, see our “A Taste” page.